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- 12 Month Warranty

- 90 Day Stick Drift Cover

- Movement and skill WILL improve

- Almost limitless customization options available!

- Affordable and Reliable

- First class after care and customer service


We offer a ton of additional mods and effects to a controller such as

- Back paddles

Choose between either 2 or 4 remappable buttons/paddles for any controller, PS4, PS5 and Xbox! Remap these buttons to replicate the faceplate buttons, allowing you to game without ever having to take your thumbs off the thumbsticks!

- Digital Triggers and bumpers

This mod gives you a mouse Click feeling on your triggers and bumpers. Making your R1/L1 a 0.5mm press compared to a 1.2mm press and for the R2/L2 it goes from a 7mm press to a 2mm press giving you a faster reaction to shooting and aiming!

- LEDs

LEDs alway brighten up anything including your controller! Our LED kit upgrades come as standard with 7 colours to choose from, or a fading or strobe RGB effect! Easily remappable so you can choose which setting you want based on your mood for that gaming session!

- Shells and buttons

ConQ offer a huge variation of different colours and designs to the front and back shell of your controller, plus a massive selection of button and trigger colours to choose from, allowing you to create a completely unique controller, just to your liking!


ConQ Controller is all about customer satifaction and is one of our goals to make the customer feel that. If you have any questions we will reply within miniutes or 12 hours. The best place to reach us is via our twitter account where we are mostly active or via our email. We also have a message section our webiste.

We also have a goal to help all creators and streamers so they have a place to grow and get to meet new people! we already have such an amazing community over on twitter which has helped us get verified!!!