Here at ConQ we feel like everyone deserves the chance at a sponsorship without having a huge number of supporters or having to make a purchase like other companies require you to do! We believe everyone deserves it but we also believe you must earn the chance to be apart of the #ConQFam! we have two programs! Ambassadors and a Sponsorship! people in the ambassadors program can be invited to our sponsorship program at any time! You an track all your link clicks or how much commission you have made!

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ConQ Controllers - Dovetale Community

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Wraith energy have partnered up with us to give away free samples to every customer! ill let the taste do the talking! check them out by clicking on the logo! 

 Top Sponsors + Ambassadors of the month!


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Bunnie (Sponsor) one of the most active streamer/creators, always supporting everyone and has been with ConQ for over 2 years now! ConQ OG
LoveKrayzee (Sponsor) Always active with the ConQ Community and always doing giveaways while streaming plus doing things for charity! been a great addition to the ConQFam for year! ConQ OG
CWZeSports (Ambassadors) one of the top ambassadors of the month due to their hard work and incredible achievements in the affiliates program! making the most sales in 1 day and sill haven't been beaten! A team to look out for in the eSports community! 
MetroCrown (Ambassadors) One of the Top ambassadors this month due to his performance in the affiliates program! always supporting other on their journeys and also streaming himself! 
ClaymoreNation (Sponsor)  one of the top sponsor this month due to the amazing work he has been doing with his community while streaming! always an upbeat guy! playing games with viewers for them to win prizes! been a great addition to the ConQ Community! 
GHMLGaming (Sponsor) GHML Gaming is a tournament page! have some great tournament lined up for anyone to enter! creating a great environment for competitive gaming! 

Iconic T1 (Ambassador) One of the top ambassadors this month as his code was used first for our new program release!