Here at ConQ we feel like everyone deserves the chance at a sponsorship without having a huge number of supporters or having to make a purchase like other companies require you to do so! We believe everyone deserves it but we also believe you must earn the chance to be apart of the #ConQFam! we have two programs affiliate and a sponsorship one both are invites only! 

The best way to be invited is to spread love and support us on our journey! if we see you being active and think you would be a perfect fit we will send you an invite to either our sponsorship program or affiliation program! both are FREE and don't require a purchase! Follow us on twitter start your journey or message us for more info!



People we sponsor! Click on their LOGO's and support them! 


          Immortal Bunnie (Creator)

          SXR Yockey11 (Creator)

          Zack schnaps (Creator)

          JSRGOLD (Creator/Comp Player)

          Inanimate (Creator)

          Love Krayzee (Streamer)

          SØØB  Photographer/Streamer

          PhattMan (Streamer)