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Remap Buttons Kits DIY

Remap Buttons Kits DIY

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controller with 2 paddles that you can remap between any button at your disposal! remap between any of the 15 buttons already on your controller giving you the upper hand to ConQuer your enemy! 


This is an ExtremeRate mod!

This is a do it yourself project where you can build your very own remap controller! Build at your own risk as this requires you to open your controller and if you want certain buttons you'll need to solder at certain points. This will void any warranty you have as you've opened the controller and The place you purchased your controller from may not accept the return. AT YOUR OWN RISK 

You don't need to solder if you don't want the R3 + L3 and touch pad to be remapped!

If you don't feel conformable with this we can build it for you:

Full guide video here:


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