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Tournament Ready Controller White

Tournament Ready Controller White

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Be ready with the new PS5 tournament controller! Modify it to your needs and start to ConQuer 

standard ps5 controller with standard two remap buttons but you have the option to add digital buttons/triggers to give you the advantage! All together will be lethal and always give you a quicker response than usual! 

Either add both Digital trigger (R1+R2 L1+L2) and digital buttons (face buttons ❎⏹🔼⏺ + 🔼🔽◀️▶️) or one or the other! 

you will have a 3 month warranty on all products that are added to your controller! Stick drift isn’t under this warranty but we are working on making this possible for you! PLEASE ALLOW 3-6 WEEKS build time! we aim to have it done by 3 weeks but we will message you if any delays arise! 

to customise please message us on our in store chat! 

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