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Colour Splash Custom PS5 Controller

Colour Splash Custom PS5 Controller

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Custom Colour Splash PlayStation 5 controller! A genuine Sony PlayStation Dualsense PS5 Controller modified to your exact styling and requirements. A full gloss colour splash faceplate and touchpad, with optional upgrades of 2 remappable rear paddles, digital triggers, and the final touch.. an LED button kit! Simply pick your combination below to build your very own custom controller that can compete at the highest level!

 LEDs: 9 different colours and lighting modes all in one upgrade! Choose between 7 different solid colours, or 2 different colour changing modes, either a soft RGB fade, or a more intense strobe effect, whichever you choose, this really is the perfect finishing touch to a custom controller!

Paddles: 2 remappable paddles, perfect for FPS games. Remap these on the go, with total remapping time taking less than 20 seconds! Map these buttons to any of the faceplate buttons, allowing you to never have to take your thumbs off the thumbsticks, yet still having access to all buttons on the front of the controller!

Digital Triggers + Bumpers: Upgrade your triggers and buttons to fully digital mouse click buttons. Giving you a dramatic increase in reaction times, the trigger movement is reduced from 7m, down to around 1mm, with that iconic mouse-click sound to match!!



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