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Controller LEDs With remap paddles

Controller LEDs With remap paddles

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Ps5 controller in black with black LEDs buttons with black symbols, digital triggers and 2 remap paddles with black grip! 

 Built time is currently 3-6 weeks! We keep you updated every step of the way! Any questions please message us on Twitter! @conqgamingshop we are a verified account 




We offer a 6 month warranty on all mods we do to the controller and will fix it at our cost, if your controller breaks after this period we can still help but you will still have to pay for the parts for repair but not the time for me to fix it! we offer this as a life time service! NO WARRANTY FOR STICK DRIFT but we will still try our best to clean and fix them! 

We offer a 14 day return policy! if you change your mind you can return you controller for a full refund! after this period if you change your mind it will be void.


PLEASE NOTE: stick drift is a gamers worst fear but our warranties do not cover this at this moment in time, we will again always be happy to look into it for you and try our best but we are not liable for stick drift with these PS5 controllers.

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