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Starlight Pro Controller

Starlight Pro Controller

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This is the starlight ps5 pro controller ready for you to compete in the highest of levels! 

All mods are tournament friendly with 2 remap buttons ready to remap and use whenever or where ever you are, along with some padded grip to help improve comfort and handling, also providing extra grip when needed! accompanied by some digital triggers and bumpers giving you the quickest reaction known to man! R1+R2 L1+L2 giving you the trigger finger you've always dreamed about. plus including some awesome new interchangeable thumb sticks for you to change from high to small and concave to doomed!

Start ConQuering today! 

These controllers take 4-8 weeks build time, we aim to have these built within 4 weeks but sometimes there are delays! we will always reply to your emails or messages and keep you updated to when your controllers done! 


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