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Tournament Ready Controller Black

Tournament Ready Controller Black

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Our tournament ready black PS5 controller is guaranteed to help you reach the top in ANY e-sport that you choose.

Don't be stuck with a regular old controller when your opponent is stomping you with his ConQ Controller.

Be the ELITE who uses a REAL controller.

This controller comes competition ready with

  • 2 remappable rear buttons.
  • A original black front face shell.
  • Rear grip to MAXIMUM ergonomics.
  • options for Digital triggers, bumpers, and face buttons.
  • Our NEWEST rear button system.
  • 90 Day stick drift coverage + Manufacturer warranty.
  • The full ConQ Customer service package.
  • DualSense Sony controller guarantee!

This controller will help you in those high intensity moments when you can't afford to lose.

No more hardware setbacks causing you to lose those overtime rounds.

The digital triggers and bumpers will ensure you get that first shot every single time.

PLEASE ALLOW 3-4 WEEKS build time! We aim to have it done and shipped out by 3 weeks but we will message you if any delays arise! (Note this does not account for shipping/delivery time)

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