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Silicone Thumbstick Grips

Silicone Thumbstick Grips

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Looking to upgrade your controller without breaking the bank, take a look at these fantastic silicone thumbstick grips!


Not only do they improve the look of the controller, with 9 colours available. But also provide some major improvement to performance. 

-Silicone material for increased grip, with 8 small points around the edge of the topper meaning your thumbs will never slip of the thumbstick, even during longer gaming sessions when your hands get sweaty.

-They add protection to the thumbsticks of the controller. As they provide a physical barrier between your thumb and the thumbstick, they will prevent the natural wear and tear of the thumbsticks meaning you won't have an expensive or time consuming task of replacing them, simply remove the silicone grip and replace with a fresh set!


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